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Emdogain plus Calcium Phosphate for Two-Wall Defects?

Methods: 52 patients with at least one non-contained infrabony defect ≥ 3 mm and probing ≥ 3 mm were randomly treated with either Emdogain plus biphasic calcium phosphate or Emdogain alone. The primary outcome was a change in clinical attachment up to 12 months. Results: Mean clinical attachment gain of 2.38 mm ± 2.17 mm was […]

Good long term results for tissue grafts?

  Methods: Forty-seven patients with 64 sites with lack of attached gingiva were treated with free gingival grafts and 64 control sites were left untreated.  Patients were recalled every 4 to 6 months.  Gingival recession depth, keratinized tissue width, and probing depth were measured at baseline and extending to the follow up period (18 to […]

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) to treat periodontal intrabony defects?

Methods: 36 intrabony defects in 36 individual patients were treated with either demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft (DFDBA) or platelet-rich fibrin (PRF).  Data was collected at baseline and at 6 month follow up and included radiographic bone fill and changes in clinical attachment levels (CAL). Results: Both treatment groups had significant gain in clinical attachment levels […]

Are Long Terms Results for Collagen Matrix Comparable to Autogenous Tissue for Root Coverage?

Methods: Collagen matrix used with a coronally advanced flap was compared to a connective tissue graft used with a coronally advanced flap at 6 months and 5 years for root coverage achieved. Results: Seventeen patients were available for the 5-year recall. Mean root coverage between 6 months and 5 years changed from 89.5% to 77.6% […]

Does Suture Removal Time Affect Root Coverage Outcome?

Methods: A meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials that assessed single tooth class I or II recession defects treated surgically with a coronally advanced flap. Early (less than 10 days post-op) and late (more than 10 days post-op) suture removal were compared in terms of differences in complete root coverage outcome. Results: Data from seventeen studies […]

Does platform switching allow closer implant placement?

METHODS: Marginal bone levels and tissue quality was evaluated after 2 months of healing for 72 implant sites in 12 pig mandibles. The interimplant distance was either 2 mm or 3 mm. RESULTS: No difference was seen when the interimplant distance was 2 mm or 3 mm in terms of interproximal bone loss. CONCLUSIONS: Platform […]

Are Results for Enamel Matrix Derivative (Emdogain) comparable to Connective Tissue Grafting at 10 years?

METHODS: 10 years after the original surgery for gingival recession, 10 of 17 patients were returned for follow-up evaluation. Among the parameters measured at 10 years: Percent root coverage, gingival recession depth, probing depths , width of keratinized tissue and clinical attachment levels. RESULTS: No difference between Emdogain and Coronally Advanced Flap when compared to […]

What is average distance from the crest to the mandibular canal on a CT?

METHODS: 195 CT scans from a private practice were examined. Measurements were made with computer software (Simplant) at 5mm intervals. Patients were categorized as to age, sex, and missing posterior teeth. RESULTS: The following data emerged at the 95% confidence level (Excerpted from Table 1): Distance from the crest to the inferior alveolar nerve at […]

Does Puros Dermis have comparable results to Alloderm?

METHODS: Split mouth design with 26 sites treated with Puros Dermis and 26 sites treated with Alloderm. A coronally advanced flap was used. RESULTS: At 6 months both groups had similar improvements in recession coverage with an average of 2.83 mm for Puros Dermis and 3.13 mm for Alloderm. 81.4% root coverage for Puros and […]

Do multiple adjacent extractions affect implant bone levels?

METHODS: Beagle dogs were assigned to three groups with 16 sites each: Group 1: Single tooth extraction and one immediate implant Group 2: Two adjacent teeth extractions and one immediate implant Group 3: Three adjacent teeth extractions and one immediate implant Jaw segments were analyzed for bone thickness, marginal bone loss and bone to implant […]